Swarm intelligence in Kreuzberg.

Welcome to theCode

The company

theCode is a owner-driven software company in the best technical sense. We have been developing individual products for our customers for more than 20 years and support a number of start-ups and freelancers in the technical implementation of new ideas.

We want to build products that we ourselves want to have and use. The team’s favorite ideas are often brought to life on one’s own initiative – even outside of customer business.

Our work is solid and undogmatic. For us, the requirements of our customers come first. Our goal: products that suit their users and the systemic conditions on site.

We live agility without any hype or coach. From our point of view, complex software systems cannot be developed in any other way than agile.

The team

  • Kathrin Fritsche
    Office Management
  • Wolf von Jaduczynski
    Chairman of the Board
  • Klaas Kienemann
    Technical Support, System Administration, DevOps
  • Stefan Lenz
    Software Development
  • Ralf Liebenow
    Manager, Head of System Integration
  • Brigitte Müller
    Software Development
  • Michael Oesterreich
    Board Member, Networking
  • Silvio Sannicolò
    Software Development, Project Management
  • Peter Witzel
    Manager, Creative Director, last in the alphabet
  • Working at theCode

    theCode offers everyone the space for personal and professional self-realization. We support you in realizing unconventional lifestyles and working styles. We like flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home. This is how we ensure the compatibility of family and career for our employees.

    theCode corporate culture

    The working culture at theCode is the opposite of what is understood as a start-up culture. We don’t have a table football kit (booooooohhh), no double circuit portafilter coffee maker or an organic muesli show shelf. We don’t have a design award-worthy interior either. Oh yes, and unfortunately we don’t have a roof terrace for late-night BBQs, a.k.a. networking meetings, either. So why shouldn’t you stop reading here? Because we can offer you more than most hip places!

    With us you have flexible working hours and we don’t mean that you have to be available and reachable at all times. For us, flexibility means that you can adjust your working hours to your inner clock. Some of us work in the morning, some come at noon and some even work at night.

    We work independently! We don’t have investors behind us who dictate what a product should look like and by when. We have great customers with interesting projects and everyone has the opportunity to work with us on the things that interest them most. It also gives us the freedom to develop products that we would like to see in the world.

    The day only has 24 hours and you also have other friends, hobbies or even family? Welcome to the club! With us, the majority of the team works on a part-time basis and overtime is avoided as far as possible.

    We played buzzword bingo. These are the almost unfiltered results for the question: What comes to mind when you think of theCode?