CI, CD, DevOps!

theCode supports teams in software delivery and cultural change

Benefits of DevOps for teams

DevOps enables teams to increase their productivity and effectiveness in such a way that they can get to more frequent releases with fewer problems. Short problem solving times and the time saved by automating recurring tasks creates time for other tasks and increases team satisfaction. For the products, the Time-to-market and delivery reliability can be improved. Last but not least, this also increases customer satisfaction.

Our DevOps Services

For us, individual solutions are paramount. The tools should therefore match the challenges of the teams as best as possible. We like to try out new approaches as well as tried-and-tested ones, but we are not trend-driven (does it always have to be the cloud?). Instead, we always recommend appropriate tools in a problem- and process-oriented way and in cooperation with the teams. When choosing tools, we stick to the motto "Keep it simple" to make the architecture resource-saving, easy to make and sustainable.